Economic Justice

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Key Terms

"CLEAN Car Wash Campaign" = A workers' rights campaign that resulted in the nation's first unionized car wash.

Economic justice is a civil right. The ACLU fights to protect some of society’s most economically vulnerable residents, including low-income students, homeless people and low-paid workers seeking equitable working conditions and living wages.

Doe v. State of California is a lawsuit against State of California and the Governor for charging students illegal school fees.

Reed v. State of California is a class action lawsuit against the State of California and Los Angeles Unified School District seeking to enjoin budget-based layoffs at three L.A. middle schools because they denied students their fundamental right under the state constitution to equal educational opportunity.

Williams v. State of California is a lawsuit against the State of California for failing to provide basic educational necessities to thousands of public school students, particularly those in low-income communities and communities of color. The ACLU actively enforces compliance with Williams.

Valentini v. Shinseki is a class action lawsuit against Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki and the director of the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System on behalf of homeless veterans with severe disabilities.

The Dignity For All Project focuses on lack of resources and inaction in Orange County and was launched in October 2013 to address civil and human rights issues arising from homelessness.

The Community Engagement and Policy Advocacy (CEPA) team works with community groups to regularly deliver know your rights trainings and educational materials on topics of economic inequality.

The Car Impoundment Project works to inform unlicensed drivers about state and local traffic policies that may lead to car impoundments.

CEPA is a member of the advisory board for the CLEAN Car Wash Campaign, which successfully negotiated for the first unionized car wash in the United States.

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The ACLU of Southern California Economic Justice Team

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  • Belinda Escobosa Helzer
  • Miguel Cruz
  • Clarissa Woo Hermosillo
  • Peter Eliasberg