The ACLU of Southern California works to ensure equal access to comprehensive, quality, affordable, and confidential reproductive health care and that personal decisions about sexual activity and child-bearing are informed, respected, supported, and attainable.

We are also creating a state where women and girls are free to live, learn, and work as equals.

The ACLU SoCal priorities are:

  • Enforcing and educating adults and teens about confidential health care rights.
  • Reducing incarceration and improving reproductive and sexual health care for incarcerated people.

  • Expanding access to comprehensive and LGBTQ-inclusive sex education.

  • Protecting and expanding the rights of pregnant and parenting workers, and fighting for economic justice for workers.
  • Expanding abortion access and curbing the use of religion to restrict access to health care.
  • Enforcing girls’ rights to an education free from discrimination, harassment, and violence.
  • Ending gender discrimination in sectors traditionally dominated by men.

Gender Equity and Reproductive Justice

The ACLU SoCal's Gender Equity and Reproductive Justice Project protects and expands the rights of women and girls, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) and gender nonconforming people, pregnant and parenting workers, and people living with HIV; and we ensure people can make informed, confidential and attainable decisions about childbearing and reproductive and sexual health care.