On Tuesday, March 7, Los Angeles voted on two crucial measures that would help the tens of thousands of Angelenos who are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless. 

L.A. County: Vote Yes on Measure H

If passed, Measure H would fund proven ways to reduce and prevent homelessness, including physical and mental health care, emergency housing, job counseling, substance abuse treatment and short-term rental subsidies. It calls for a quarter-cent sales tax increase, but that small amount per person in the county could bring thousands of individuals and families out of permanent homelessness.
Measure H wins

L.A. City: Vote No on Measure S

Measure S is a regressive and deceptive measure that would impose a moratorium on building developments that need exemptions from land-use rules. This would effectively stop almost every effort to establish desperately needed affordable housing in L.A. This city needs more housing, not less!

Measure S defeated