Re-Envisioning Public Safety in Riverside County

Riverside County has an incarceration problem.

Historically, the Inland Region has relied on cages and over policing to “fix” social problems rather than addressing their root causes. To re-envision what public safety can look like, we need: 

  • Our elected officials (District Attorney, Sheriff and Board of Supervisors) to bring the necessary change our communities deserve.
  • Increase the investment in vital social safety net programs.
  • Reduce the investments in policing and prisons.
  • Address the deep-rooted racism within our county institutions.  

The District Attorney, Sheriff and Board of Supervisors are all elected officials, and these positions will be on the ballot in the coming June 7th Primary. It is time for Riverside residents to demand more from our elected officials and that starts by voting with our values.  

Join the Movement

We need your voice to bring change to Riverside County. Join the ACLU of SoCal and our partner organizations (Riverside Justice Table, Riverside All of Us or None and Starting Over Inc.) as we fight to re-envision public safety.  

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