Privacy and Surveillance

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Americans have the right to expect that their lives will not become an open book when they have not done, and are not suspected of doing, anything wrong. When the government listens in on phone conversations or collects data on millions of Americans, our privacy rights are eroded, and the potential for abuse by the government grows. Even when you have nothing to hide, the government can inadvertently cause you great harm by, for instance, leaking information to the public, freezing your accounts, denying you the right to fly, or naming you as a suspect in connection with a crime.

Fazaga v. FBI is a case against the Federal Bureau of Investigation for illegally spying on the Muslim community in Orange County, California. An FBI informant spied on Muslims for months without cause.

Islamic Shura Council v. FBI is a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to force the government to reveal information about the FBI’s surveillance of several prominent, law-abiding Muslim community leaders and organizations.

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The ACLU of Southern California Privacy and Surveillance Team

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