A key Assembly committee is considering approving a bill, SB 15, that would give law enforcement a blank check when it comes to using drones. Drones pose significant threats to privacy because they can easily be used for warrantless mass surveillance.

Around California and across the country, communities have raised red flags when it comes to domestic drones for surveillance. Before decisions are made to unleash drones into the skies, meaningful privacy safeguards need to be in place. This bill doesn’t protect your privacy when it comes to drones in the skies over your community. This is what needs to happen:
  • Law enforcement should be required to get a warrant to use a drone.
  • Local civilian elected officials should have a say in whether drones are used over their communities, instead of law enforcement making that decision on their own.
  • Any policy on drones must have strong safeguards against government stockpiling and sharing personal information and surveillance data. SB 15 has too many loopholes and allows drone data to be retained for lengthy periods of time.


We need your help to ensure that key privacy protections will be in place so that drones can’t be used for warrantless mass surveillance. Urge the Assembly Committee on Public Safety to amend SB 15 or vote NO.