Read the 2018-2019 ACLU SoCal Annual Report

Dear Friends,

Thank you! Your generous support has been a power catalyst for justice this year. I hope this annual report lets you share my pride in what you're helping the ACLU accomplish.

Though it is our court cases that often make headlines, we have always been driven by people power, and we're looking for ways to grow it. We're investing new resources into a volunteer structure that will greatly strengthen our impact, including a leadership program for community activists to empower them to train and organize others.

We are also dedicated to educating people on confidently advocating for themselves Every year, we distribute thousands of " Know Your Rights" guides on everything from immigrants' rights to students' rights. I encourage you to share them with family and friends.

I'm excited about finding strategic opportunities to mobilize ACLU supporters to help bring elected leaders into alignment with our values. Thanks to these efforts, California has made big changes this year — like historic reform on police use-of-force — and I know that together, we can continue to lead the nation in promoting liberty, equality, and justice for all.

In solidarity,

Hector O. Villagra
ACLU SoCal Executive Director

Read the 2018-2019 ACLU SoCal Annual Report