Guided by principles, not polls, we do the hard, unglamorous work of protecting those who are suffering injustice or whom the system has failed. One of the largest ACLU affiliates in the country, we are fortunate to have a diligent legal and policy staff who fulfill our mission every day in courtrooms and communities across California. Our commitment stems from the belief that “equality, liberty and justice for all” is more than a slogan. It is a profound promise that we all must turn into reality. 

These pages will give you a window into the diverse nature of our work. Think of it as a scrapbook highlighting a select few victories in areas like education, voting rights and privacy. Victories you helped make possible by your support.

Nationally, we have fought to stop the federal government from using a time of crisis as a pretext to erode our constitutional rights, and, since California often sets the tone for the rest of the nation, we have been working hard to defend personal liberty and promote sane public policy here in the Golden State.

A publication like this can only provide snapshots focusing on a small sampling of the vast range of issues we confront. There is so much more we wish we could tell you about in detail: our successful efforts to stop housing discrimination and to promote freedom of speech in our schools; our ongoing efforts to protect your privacy and defend reproductive rights; our victories in advancing equality for lesbian and gay couples and preventing illegal deportations; our long-standing battles to reform the wasteful, unjust “three strikes” policy and to ensure healthcare for the millions of Californians who are without medical care or who are only one or two medical bills away from financial ruin.

We are so proud to serve this community and the values that we all hold dear. Remembering always that an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, we will keep working hard, every day. We will work to help create a society that honors the dignity of every individual, the health of every family, whether large or small, and the well-being of every community. Thank you for being part of our team. With your support we will continue to advance the promise of “equality, liberty and justice for all” because your freedom is our business.