We have great news! On May 15, 2008 the California Supreme Court ruled that the state may no longer exclude same-sex couples from civil marriage. Brought on behalf of twelve same-sex couples, it charged that barring same-sex couples from marriage violates the state constitution's guarantee of equality. California now affords all loving couples equal protection under the law.

"At a time when civil rights and civil liberties are increasingly under fire, the California Supreme Court supported basic human rights for all people," said Ramona Ripston, executive director of the ACLU of Southern California. "We applaud its decision and we are once again proud to live in California. Gay and lesbian families now know that they are valued and valuable."

The ACLU/SC has been a leader in the struggle for equal treatment for LGBT families for decades, and one of the principals in this successful lawsuit. While this victory is sweet, this fight is far from over. There is yet another anti-marriage initiative expected to quality for the November ballot. The ACLU/SC is a strong partner in Equality for All, a coalition working to defeat this initiative, and we would like your support. Please visit the Equality For All website and help us secure today's victory. Pledge your support both with your time and any donation you can afford.

Let California ring!

(Photo: ACLU/SC attorney Clare Pastore speaks at today's press conference while Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa looks on.)