By Patrisse Cullors, @osope



A world where every person is treated with dignity and respect: all of this movement building boils down to this. Don't you agree?

For the past three years, I’ve led Dignity & Power Now, a grassroots organization in Los Angeles. Our mission is to keep power accountable to the ground – an idea that stemmed from ACLU SoCal’s 2011 jails report, which shed light on the inhumane treatment incarcerated people face in the L.A. County Jails.

This year, I’m joining the ACLU of California to speak at Conference & Lobby Day, April 11 - 13, as its keynote and to lobby our elected representatives to address three issues that should matter to every Californian:

    • Racial profiling and police misconduct
    • Privacy of our electronic data
    • A quality education for all students.

Let’s take democracy back and see you at the state capital!

Patrisse Cullors is executive director of Dignity & Power Now and co-founder of #BlackLivesMatter. Learn more about Patrisse. Follow ACLU_SoCal.