You have the right as a tenant to post political signs from the property you are renting. These rights aren't absolute though. California law balances the importance of speech by tenants on pressing political issues against property owners' interest in controlling their property.

What type of signs can I hang as a tenant?

You have the right to hang political signs about upcoming elections, votes by the legislature, initiatives, referendums, recalls, and any issues being considered by a public commission, public board, or elected local body for a vote.

Where can I post these signs?

If you live in a multi-family dwelling, like an apartment building, you can post signs in your window or on your door.

If you live in a single-family dwelling, like a house, you can post signs in the yard, window, door, balcony, or outside walls.

When can my landlord prohibit me from posting signs?

Your landlord can prohibit you from posting signs that are larger than six square feet or would violate a local, state, or federal law.

How long can I keep my signs posted?

Check your local laws for how long you can keep your signs posted. If there aren't any local laws where you live, your landlord can create reasonable rules about signs, but these rules must allow you to post signs at least 90 days before the election or vote and must allow you to keep your signs posted for at least 15 days after.