Southern Californians value fairness, public safety and transparency. The Los Alamitos City Council members voted on March 19 to support a ordinance to "opt out" of the California Values Act, a law passed by the state of California to protect our neighbors and state resources from the Trump administration's overzealous immigration agents who flout constitutional rights, target people based on nothing more than discrimination, and tear families apart.

Our response was swift. If the Los Alamito City Council passes this ordinance, we will sue to protect our state. 

Los Alamitos will vote again on Monday, April 16, on the resolution. We need you to show up and show that you stand with CA values.

The city will also decide whether to sign on to Attorney General Jeff Sessions' lawsuit against California for implementing the CA Values Act. The Trump administration's lawsuit against the #CAValuesAct undermines our values of community and safety. We urge the Los Alamitos City Council to #STANDwithCAValues and reject the Trump administration's hateful agenda.



  1. SHOW UP at the Los Alamitos City Council meeting on Monday, April 16 and invite your friends to join.
  2. Change your social media profile picture to let people know you support CA Values
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