Clarissa Woo Hermosillo


Director of Economic Justice/Deputy Director of Advocacy



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Clarissa Woo Hermosillo is director of economic justice/deputy director of advocacy at the ACLU of Southern California.

Previously, she was director of policy advocacy and helped identify policy change opportunities and develops strategic campaigns at the local, state and national level.

Clarissa has advocated for various legislative campaigns, including continuous efforts to make comprehensive quality health care affordable and accessible for all, bills to ensure compassionate end-of-life choices for California’s terminally ill, legislation to reform California’s criminal justice system and efforts to oppose budget cuts to safety net programs for seniors, immigrants, the disabled and the poor.

Clarissa has also worked on ballot initiative campaigns, including the campaign to fix California’s Three Strikes Law, the campaign to preserve marriage equality in California, and most recently to successfully defeat three dangerous parental notification initiatives (Prop. 73, Prop. 85 and Prop. 4).

She has been involved with increasing outreach and education to expand ACLU SoCal’s economic justice work through coalition building, mobilizing activists and affected community members and building relationships with public officials.

Clarissa is a graduate of the USC School of Policy, Planning and Development.