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Voters Strongly Support Public Access to Police Misconduct Reports, Body Cam Footage

Likely voters in California overwhelmingly support allowing public access to investigation reports in all cases where a police officer is accused of misconduct, a statewide poll released today has found. Continue reading

Catholic Hospital Approves Woman’s Procedure under Threat of Lawsuit

 A Catholic-affiliated hospital will now perform a common reproductive healthcare procedure after the ACLU threatened to sue
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    ACLU of Southern California Campaigns


    Jails Project

    works to ensure that a basic standard of care is provided to prisoners, to decrease overreliance on mass incarceration by advocating for alternatives to incarceration, and to promote discharge planning to reduce recidivism.



    LGBTQ Student Rights Project

    works to stop unlawful bullying and harassment in California schools and to create school communities that promote safety and respect for all students.


    Immigrant Rights

    Immigrant Rights Project

    works to ensure the rights of Southern California immigrant populations through advocacy, litigation, and public education.



    Criminal Justice and Drug Policy Reform Project

    works to advance local and state policy reforms designed to reduce over-incarceration and to implement evidence-based criminal justice practices.