We envision a society that invests in very individual by providing all children with a good education and other necessities for success. No society can neglect such an investment without reaping the terrible fruit of exclusion: division, despair, and fear.

Finally, we believe that our success as a society ultimately rests on caring for each other and on developing a culture of shared responsibility. We are fi ghting for a society whose response to a hearing-impaired boy whose family can’t afford a hearing aid and who is falling further and further behind in school as a result will no longer be, “Tough luck.” We’re fi ghting for a society that no longer tells a nonviolent Three Strikes offender, “You’re trash. We’re throwing you away.”

Respect for and belief in our common humanity is the thread that runs through all of our work. Together, we’re creating a society that’s based on openness, inclusion, and compassion. Thank for your visionary contribution to a better California.