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January 31, 2023

New Resources on Bullying, Searches, Expression and More at

LOS ANGELES – As students settle into school this year, they are dealing with more challenges than ever. Students are still recovering from the trauma and hardships of the pandemic including economic uncertainty and an uptick in bullying, particularly against the AAPI community. 

During the pandemic, 68% of students in the state reported needing mental health services but were not receiving any at school, according to an ACLU of Southern California youth-led survey. And according to the California Healthy Kids Survey, AAPI students are the racial group most likely to be bullied.

That’s why The Linda Lindas have partnered with the ACLU affiliates in California to announce the relaunch of, an online resource for California students and families to learn about their rights at school — now available in Spanish and Mandarin. Across California, more than 1.8 million students are English learners who speak Spanish as their primary language, and more than 65,000 English learners primarily speak Mandarin.  

“Every student has the right to be who they are,” said bandmates Mia, Eloise, Lucia and Bela, who hail from Southern California. “No one should feel excluded or unsafe at school. We hope students across California know that they have rights. It’s why we’ve joined the ACLU SoCal on this critical educational campaign.”  

The ACLU has revamped and relaunched, featuring important information on students’ rights and resources at school including:

  • Accessing mental health services at school;
  • Resisting against bullying and harassment;
  • Protecting student privacy;
  • Safeguarding LGBTQ, gender and reproductive rights;
  • Protesting at school. 

“We hope this resource makes it easier for students and families to know their rights,” said ACLU SoCal Staff Attorney Ana Mendoza. “All students should be equipped with the tools to empower themselves and their peers.”


See the My School My Rights PSA by The Linda Lindas: