The first hearing is Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. in San Bernardino

SAN BERNARDINO - Last week, California Attorney General Rob Bonta filed a lawsuit against Chino Valley Unified School District challenging its policy requiring school staff to out trans and gender non-conforming students to their parents.  
The first hearing in this matter is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 6, at 8:30 a.m. in San Bernardino Superior Court, where Judge Thomas Garza is expected to decide whether this unconstitutional “forced outing” policy can stay in effect during the course of the lawsuit.  
Individuals from advocacy groups supporting trans and gender non-conforming students will be available to speak to press before and after the hearing on Wednesday.  
Please attribute the following statement to Amanda Goad, Audrey Irmas director of the LGBTQ, Gender & Reproductive Justice Project at the ACLU SoCal: 
“Choosing when to come out and to whom is a deeply personal decision that every LGBTQ person has the right to make for themself. Like all young people, trans and gender non-conforming youth know what is best for their health and well‐being. Young people thrive when they have parental support and feel safe sharing their full identities at home. The attorney general’s action supports students exploring their identities, including at school, free from pressure and at their own pace.” 
Please attribute the following statement to Reverend Benita Ramsey, executive director of Rainbow Pride Youth Alliance: 
“Schools should be a safe place for all students. Chino Valley's effort to force the outing of LGBTQ+ students without their consent is unconstitutional and will cause unnecessary and life-threatening harm to LGBTQ+ youth. These policies are meant to silence and intimidate queer and trans youth from expressing themselves at school. We will always stand alongside our youth.” 
Please attribute the following statement to Susan Thronson, board chair of PFLAG National: 
“Our families lead with love, and we know that loving our children is borne of trust and patience as they grow. It is wrong for school districts to forcibly out young people without their consent. We fought for these policies that honor LGBTQ families and young people and we will not stop fighting to keep people safe, even as our young people come under attack.” 

Please attribute the following statement to Kristi Hirst, a parent, former CVUSD teacher, and founder of Our Schools USA: 

“Educating children works best with engaged parents and caring teachers working together to create a safe space for all children to learn. This policy breaks down trust between parents, teachers, and students and exposes our most vulnerable students.”

Please attribute the following statement to Gia Loving, co-executive director of GSA Network: 
“At GSA Network, we believe all students have the right to a safe and inclusive educational environment where they can be their authentic selves. Schools play a critical role in helping young people of all genders feel accepted, valued, and supported. We stand with Attorney General Rob Bonta and all students in their pursuit of these rights.” 
Please attribute the following statement to Tony Hoang, executive director of Equality California: 
“It is our duty to ensure that all students, regardless of their gender identity, feel safe, respected, and protected within our educational institutions. The policy passed by the Chino Valley Unified School Board infringes on the rights and privacy of transgender students and sets a dangerous precedent that can lead to discrimination against others. This lawsuit sends a clear message that discrimination and harassment have no place in our schools, and no place in California. We are grateful for Attorney General Bonta’s efforts to uphold the rights and dignity of all students.” 
Please attribute the following statement to Andrew Thorburn, founder and president of Public School Defenders Hub: 
“Policies that require non-consensual outing violate students’ rights to privacy and self-determination. Doing so breaks the trust in relationships with teachers, counselors, coaches, and other educational personnel. Rather than adopt policies that alienate trans and nonbinary students, we must come together to affirm our LGBTQ+ young people in our communities, preserve trusted relationships, and focus on real solutions that will improve public schools.”