In response to a statement by LAPD Chief Charlie Beck that the department will no longer turn over to federal immigration authorities immigrants arrested for minor offenses, Jennie Pasquarella, staff attorney with the ACLU of Southern California, issued the following statement:
"Chief Beck’s announcement comes as welcome news in the wake of Governor Brown's veto of the TRUST Act. He took an important step towards limiting LAPD’s compliance with unlawful and unjustified detention requests from the federal immigration agency. We look forward to working with the LAPD on a policy that will ensure that when LAPD decides to detain individuals for ICE, it does so in full compliance with federal and state law. We look forward to a policy that ensures that LAPD can do its job and keep the entire community safe. We applaud the Mayor and the Chief’s support for the TRUST Act, and hope and expect that the TRUST Act will serve as the framework for the City’s policy."