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April 12, 2018

Kern County District Attorney Called Upon to Investigate

LOS ANGELES — Please attribute the following statement to Michael Kaufman, Sullivan & Cromwell Access to Justice Senior Staff Attorney at the ACLU Foundation of Southern California. It's in regard to a report today that the Delano Police Department has asked the Kern County District Attorney to investigate if an ICE officer gave false information about its road chase of a couple who died in a crash.

"We are deeply concerned about reports that ICE agents lied to the Delano Police Department regarding their role in the tragic fatal car crash in Delano. This incident is part of a larger pattern of duplicitous behavior by ICE agents in Kern County — including conducting ruses and impersonating police officers — that undermine public safety and trust, and unnecessarily put California residents at risk.

"We call on Kern County District Attorney Lisa Green to thoroughly investigate the incident, and to hold the ICE agents accountable for any crimes they have committed. No law enforcement agency, including ICE, is above the law."