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The ACLU of Southern California asked L.A. Police Chief William Bratton to conduct a complete and open investigation of the shocking police action that ended a mostly peaceful May 1 protest for immigrant rights. Local television news showed police using batons, rubber bullets, and tear gas on marchers and members of the media.

"L.A. police officers bullied marchers and media in an ugly show of force," wrote ACLU/SC Executive Director Ramona Ripston. "By all reports, including those from police, the daylong demonstration was largely peaceful. Yet police brought a day of hope for thousands of immigrants to a shocking end."

The ACLU/SC supported Chief Bratton's call for investigation. The letter also recalled the ACLU/SC's lawsuit in 2000 on behalf of members of the media attacked by police during the Democratic National Convention.

"As in 2000, we will investigate all claims of civil liberties violations during Tuesday's march and work to end a history of police actions that threaten to silence the hopeful message of thousands and damage the integrity of a free media," the letter stated.