LOS ANGELES - In a letter to the San Bernardino City Council, the ACLU of Southern California strongly opposed a proposed initiative in San Bernardino that is unconstitutional and if passed into law would sharply divide the city.

The city council is set to vote Monday, May 15 whether to enact the initiative or ask residents to vote in a city-wide election to decide whether or not to enact it.

'Not only is the initiative the wrong idea for San Bernardino, it is out of touch with the spirit of our country and the push for comprehensive immigration reform. The initiative seeks to hurt the City and its residents at great cost,' said Hector O. Villagra, director of the ACLU/SC's Orange County office. 'The initiative would force each and every property owner in the city - large or small - to act as immigration cops, it would hold property owners liable and subject to hefty fines for any mistakes they make, it would deny children the right to an education and it would limit the free speech rights of city officials and city employees.'