Month Of Resistance

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Have you seen this John Oliver segment? In it, he chips away at America’s apathy over our broken and racist criminal justice system. He rails against our nation’s sky high incarceration rate, the disproportionate penalties meted out to people of color and private incarceration-related companies that tout “high recidivism” as an investment boon. He exposes deplorable conditions fraught with sexual violence, maggot-ridden food and dangerous, outdated healthcare practices. He sings a song with puppets to drive his message home.

Why? Because if people know about our racist, broken system, people can fix our racist, broken system.

This is the same impulse driving our Off the Cuff: Criminal Justice Teach-in & Roundtable, this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1p.m. at East L.A. College. It’s why we’ve invited city officials, sheriff candidates, impacted community members, experts and organizers to discuss the current criminal justice landscape in Los Angeles County.

RSVP for this free and public event. We won’t have puppets, but we’ll have the information you need to step up and ensure a criminal justice system that works.

Jessica Farris is policy and advocacy counsel at ACLU of Southern California. Follow ACLU SoCal on Twitter.