A Governor who ran for office as the people's politician should unite the residents of California rather than divide.

Gov. Schwarzenegger's recent off the cuff statement that he supports the work of a handful of vigilantes in Arizona staked out on the U.S.-Mexico border without the support of the U.S. Government, the Border Patrol or even President Bush is bad governance. The Governor then took it one step farther in saying he is not opposed to vigilantism within our state. Encouraging this kind of dangerous activity that invites harassment and intimidation is irresponsible.

In a state so rich and diverse, our elected officials are charged with supporting the people, and solving problems, not advocating behavior designed to scapegoat a national issue on immigrants.

A Governor who steers clear of tempered discussion and reasoned debate is not doing his job. Californians voted him into office because he promised no divisive rhetoric and to govern for all the people of California, unfortunately he has sunk far below this claim.