LOS ANGELES - The ACLU of Southern California expects that the Los Angeles Police Department will expedite its investigation of the July 10 shooting death of toddler Suzie Marie Pena.

Public confidence demands that the LAPD not drag its feet and delay in releasing its findings. This investigation must not take 12 months and it must not be stalled in the hope that memories will fade and outrage will subside.

Only a reasonable and expedited investigation can help heal the pain felt by Suzie's death. The LAPD must take this opportunity to show that it has moved beyond 'business as usual' and will set concrete dates for when information will be available, stick to those dates and fully cooperate with the Inspector General, the eyes and ears of the Police Commission.

The community is watching and we must be able to trust that the police will perform an open, honest and thorough investigation and set a fair timeline to do so.