Statement of Ramona Ripston, ACLU of Southern California Executive Director

Tonight the Westminster School Board majority is poised to take action that will gamble with Westminster students' education and well-being. If they continue down this destructive path, dollars will be diverted from the classroom to fighting for their own personal positions in the "culture war" that ring-wing ideologues have declared on those of whom they do not approve. In doing so, these board members have profoundly betrayed the public trust.

The ACLU is watching this situation with deep concern, both for the welfare of students who don't conform to gender norms, and for the education and welfare of every student, all of whom face the consequences of the possible loss of critical funding.

Students whose gender traits don't conform to stereotypes are being sent a clear signal: hide, because you won't be protected here. And all students have, in essence, been told by the board, "Your education and your future are worth less to us than our moral posturing."