We have an imperial chief in Los Angeles. The refusal of Los Angeles Police Chief Bernard Parks to work with the L.A. County District Attorney's office on the Rampart corruption scandal is another reason why it is essential to appoint an independent commission to examine the systemic problems in the LAPD. Parks is trying to grab more authority, rather than be held accountable for his actions and those of his department.

Los Angeles is faced with the biggest police scandal in its history, and police and prosecutors must work together. Cohesiveness is absolutely essential. Furthermore, Mayor Riordan is out of touch with the course of the investigation. Just yesterday, he publicly said that the D.A. and the chief were working together.

This is just one more instance of an across-the-board hostility to outside scrutiny of LAPD practices by our police chief. Community groups have long complained that when he does not like what they are saying, he cuts them out of the process. Now Parks has done the same thing to the district attorney's office. Imperial policing must end, and it must end immediately.