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Advocacy: LGBTQ, Gender & Reproductive Justice Project

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The ACLU SoCal seeks applicants for a full-time Policy Advocate and Organizer (Advocate) to be part of the ACLU SoCal's LGBTQ, Gender & Reproductive Justice Project (Project), fighting to protect, expand, and implement legal protections in these three issue areas through creative campaigns that involve policy advocacy, legislative advocacy, litigation, community education, and organizing. The Advocate will work on the full range of LGBTQ rights, gender equity, and reproductive justice issues on which the ACLU of Southern California engages locally, statewide, and nationally. The Advocate will be supervised by the Project Director.

The ACLU of Southern California operates on a model of integrated advocacy, using litigation, legislation, policy advocacy, community engagement, and organizing as mutually supportive tactics to advance civil rights.


The Policy Advocate and Organizer will plan and execute grassroots and policy advocacy campaigns to effect changes at the local and state levels and cultivate strategic partnerships with organizational allies and relationships with lawmakers to advance policy objectives.

The Advocate will organize and attend lobbying visits with state and local officials and provide testimony to administrative agencies and governing bodies, provide trainings for community members and coalition partners on how to conduct policy advocacy with decision makers and "know your rights” trainings," develop strategy and lead field organizing activities for policy campaigns, and use new media strategies and activate ACLU membership, activists, chapters and community partners in campaigns and around policy priorities.

The Advocate will establish and cultivate collaborative relationships with community partners, coalitions and stakeholders, as well as ACLU members in the region, in order to identify issues around the Project's focus areas, and provide technical support and strategic leadership to community groups, advocates and organizers in the region; organize and lead community and stakeholder education events; mobilize support for policy reform, run trainings for activists and organizers; and conduct outreach to and advocacy with government officials and decisionmakers.

The Advocate will also work with the ACLU SoCal's Activist Engagement and Development (AED) team to promote volunteer and member participation in priority campaigns; build an active, diverse, and inclusive base of volunteers and supporters who can be mobilized to participate in meetings, forums, rallies, hearings, lobby visits and delegations; help organize and participate in the ACLU's annual statewide Conference and Lobby Day in Sacramento and identify and support volunteer leaders to lead work with their elected officials and help advance ACLU policy reform goals. The Advocate will work with colleagues to implement a leadership ladder of engagement, constituent relationship management (CRM) and intersectional issue organizing tools (trainings and briefings) to increase membership power.

The Advocate will be supervised by the Project Director and will work within the LGBTQ, Gender, and Reproductive Justice Project of the ACLU SoCal's Advocacy Department, as well as the Gender, Sexuality, and Reproductive Justice issue team comprised of staff from the several ACLU entities in California. The Advocate will also work closely with intersectional issue-based coalitions.  The Advocate should have no less than 2 years of relevant experience. 

The LGBTQ, Gender & Reproductive Justice Project seeks to create a state where:

  • Women and girls are free to live, learn, and work as equals
  • Gender stereotypes are not imposed to limit opportunity
  • All gender identities are respected
  • Gender nonconformity is not punished or criminalized
  • People can access comprehensive, affordable, and confidential reproductive health care
  • Personal decisions about sexual activity and child-bearing are informed, respected, supported, and attainable
  • LGBTQ people can live openly and authentically, with dignity, respect, and fair treatment.

In recent years, priority campaigns for the Project have included:

  • expanding paid leave and job protections for workers with family caregiving responsibilities
  • protecting and enhancing Californians' access to abortion, contraception, and gender-affirming health care
  • dismantling aspects of the family regulation or “child welfare” system that disproportionately surveil, police, and tear apart Black and indigenous families
  • fighting structural and systemic barriers to women's equal participation in the workplace
  • improving safe and authentic access to emergency shelter and other public accommodations for women and transgender and gender non-conforming people
  • expanding access to comprehensive sexual health education and LGBTQ-inclusive social studies instruction
  • helping build a movement to decriminalize voluntary sex work in California.


  • Plan and execute grassroots and policy advocacy campaigns to effect changes at the local and state levels through legislation, changes in government policy and ballot measures.
  • Develop strategy and lead field organizing activities for policy campaigns.
  • Develop advocacy letters and recruit diverse and powerful allies to sign on to letters.
  • Develop advocacy materials including fact sheets, toolkits, action alerts, blog posts, and social media content
  • Establish and cultivate collaborative relationships with community partners, coalitions, stakeholders, and ACLU members, to identify issues around reproductive justice, gender equity, and LGBTQ rights, to strengthen collaboration, and to support and engage in the ACLU SoCal and ACLU of CA's work in these three issue areas, as well as other ACLU priority campaigns.
  • Build, facilitate and participate in coalitions, and attend and actively participate in community partner meetings and coalitions that focus on Project issues.
  • Organize, lead, and participate in community education events, rallies, and meetings.
  • Serve as a press spokesperson for the ACLU SoCal and as a public speaker on Project issues and related topics.
  • Organize and attend lobbying visits with state and local officials and provide testimony to administrative agencies and governing bodies and develop and cultivate relationships with lawmakers and decision-makers to advance organizing and policy advocacy objectives.
  • Provide trainings for community members and coalition partners on how to conduct policy advocacy with decision makers.
  • Develop fact sheets, advocacy materials, toolkits, action alerts, op-eds, blog posts, and social media content.
  • Provide technical support and strategic leadership to community groups, advocates, and organizers in the region.
  • Help identify and tell compelling human stories to center the experiences of communities impacted by civil and human rights abuses.
  • Support the ACLU SoCal's base building, volunteer leadership development, and voter education work, as needed.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • A demonstrated commitment to the cause of civil liberties and civil rights, including gender equity, reproductive justice, and/or LGBTQ issues.
  • At least 2 years of organizing, campaign, and/or advocacy experience; individuals with more experience are encouraged to apply.
  • Experience implementing successful grassroots and/or legislative advocacy campaign at the school district, city/county, state and/or federal level.
  • Experience planning and facilitating workshops, trainings, meetings, and other community events.
  • Experience developing and implementing organizing and/or policy campaigns to make reforms.
  • Experience working effectively with coalitions and building coalitions.
  • Excellent communication skills written and verbal.
  • Excellent time-management and organizational skills.
  • Flexible team player and comfortable working independently and taking initiative.
  • Ability to participate in, create and sustain inclusive and engaging spaces for all races/ethnicities, genders, ages, classes, and geographies.
  • Bilingual Spanish/English communication skills preferred.
  • Occasionally work evenings and weekends.
  • Occasional travel throughout the region and other parts of the state.
  • Familiarity with Inland Empire and/or Orange County regional issues and advocacy landscapes preferred


Understanding and Applying Racial Equity

  • Demonstrate commitment to building or deepening understand of racial equity:
    • Core terms and concepts such as structural racism, white privilege, and anti-Blackness.
    • The role that racial inequity has played and continues to play in our society.
    • How race impacts supervisory relationships, team dynamics, and organizational culture.
    • Personal/implicit/unconscious bias.

Working for Racial Equity

  • Consistently assess structural implications and racially disproportionate impacts of policies, activities, and decisions within the context of their job responsibilities; race/ethnicity, intersection of race/ethnicity, gender, identity, and/or sexual orientation.
  • Consistently adhere to organization’s racial equity policies and procedures, including those that relate to hiring, retention, and promotion.
  • Consistently identify and disrupt ways in which bias plays out in work and/or team.

Leading on Racial Equity

  • Effectively encourage people to have honest conversations about racial equity, and accept feedback openly, non-defensively, and from a posture of learning.
  • Consistently address structural implications and racially disproportionate impacts of policies, activities, and decisions by identifying and implementing changes that can produce more equitable outcomes. This applies not only in terms of race/ethnicity, but also at the intersection of race/ethnicity, gender identity, and/or sexual orientation.
  • Consistently set racial equity outcomes, goals, and performance measures for team, department, or organization, and develop and successfully implement plans to achieve them.


The salary range for this position is $57,000-$67,000 depending on an applicant's experience. Benefits include medical, vision, and dental insurance for staff members and their eligible dependents; life and long- term disability insurance; 401(k) plan with employer match; ample vacation and sick leave and fourteen paid holidays.


Please submit a resume, cover letter, a writing sample, and three references via the application portal:


The ACLU of Southern California is committed to developing a culture of diversity, equity, respect, and inclusion and to strive to maintain a workforce that reflects the communities that we serve. The ACLU SoCal is an equal opportunity employer that does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of any status or condition protected by applicable law.  We encourage all qualified individuals to apply and value people of all races, genders (including gender identity or expression), sexual orientations, disabilities, citizenships, ages, religions, and national origins and who have different marital statuses, family caregiving responsibilities, lived experiences with the criminal justice systems, and genetic information.  The ACLU SoCal does not tolerate discrimination or harassment on the basis of any of these characteristics. 

The ACLU SoCal is committed to providing reasonable accommodation to individuals with disabilities. If you are a qualified individual with a disability and need assistance applying online or accommodation after you are selected for an interview, please email cpinon@aclusocal.org.