A Way Forward report

A Way Forward: Diverting people with mental illness from jails into community-based treatment

July 2014
This report sets forth recommendations that would allow L.A. County officials to establish and implement diversion programs for inmates with mental illness charged with non-violent offenses.
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Sheriff Baca's Strike Force report

Sheriff Baca’s Strike Force: Deputy Violence And Head Injuries Of Inmates In LA County Jails

September 2012
This report compiles some 64 sworn statements from inmates, former inmates and civilian eyewitnesses taken since 2009, describing attacks in which deputies targeted inmates’ heads.
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Evaluation of the Current and Future Los Angeles County Jail Population by Dr. James Austin

April 2012
This report provides a plan that will allow the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department(LASD) to safely manage its jail population within its current jail facility capacity.
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Cruel and Usual Punishment: How A Savage Gang Of Deputies Controls LA County Jails

September 2011
To be an inmate in the Los Angeles County jails is to fear deputy attacks. In the past year, deputies have assaulted scores of non-resisting inmates, according to reports from jail chaplains, civilians, and inmates.

2010 Interim Report on Conditions Inside Los Angeles County Jail

September 2010
The most serious problems continue: a pattern of excessive force by deputies; retaliation by Sheriff’s Department employees; lack of access to adequate mental health care; and severe overcrowding.

Annual Report on Conditions Inside Los Angeles County Jail 2008-2009

May 2010
The widely reported violence at Men’s Central is particularly disturbing because the vast majority of people being held at the jail are simply awaiting trial.

Dr. Kuper’s Report on Mental Health Issues in the LA County Jails

July 2008
One only had to tour a jail or prison to understand how violence and madness were bred by massive overcrowding.

Corrections Standards Authority’s Title 15

These guidelines set forth the minimum standards for conditions of treatment of inmates in Los Angeles County jails facilities.

Corrections Standards Authority’s Title 24

These guidelines set forth the minimum standards for conditions of confinement in Los Angeles County jails facilities.