First, find out where your family member is housed by visiting and input requested information (last name and first name) or call 213.473.6080.
Contact the assigned facility's Watch Commander at the facility your family member is housed, or tell your family member to utilize the in-house complaint forms that can be found in their living unit or they can ask a LASD employee for a complaint form, which they will need to fill out and turn in. Contact and alert the Watch Commander of the facility where your family member is housed of whatever issue your family member is dealing with:

Inmate Reception Center (IRC)

Mark McCorkle, Captain 213.893.5165 Watch Commander 213.893.5324

Men's Central Jail (MCJ)

Daniel Dyer, Captain 213.974.4911 Watch Commander 213.974.4916

Twin Towers Correctional Facility (TTCF)

Clay Porlier, Captain 213.893.5030 Watch Commander 213.893.5163

Century Regional Detention Facility (CRDF)

Joseph Nunez, Captain 323.568.4601 Watch Commander 323.568.4506

North Facility (NORTH)

Kevin Hebert, Captain 661.295.8092 Watch Commander 661.295.8059

South Facility (SOUTH)

Chuck Antuna, Captain 661.295.8822 Watch Commander 661.295.8805

North County Correctional Facility (NCCF)

Anselmo Gonzalez, Captain 661.295.7969 Watch Commander 661.295.7810
If you do not receive a response from LASD within 30 days or if you are not satisfied with LASD's response, contact the ACLU of Southern California Jails Project.
After you've contacted LASD, contact the Office of Independent Review at
Contact the LASD Internal Affairs Bureau at 800.698.8255.
Complete an LA County Claim for Damages form (pdf).
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