Oct. 11-14: California Advocacy Institute

October 11, 2019 (All day)
October 14, 2019 (All day)

Join us in Los Angeles this fall to:

  • Learn about advocacy and grassroots organizing
  • School up on some of the most critical issues facing our communities
  • Connect with ACLU staff and student peers from across the state
  • Get the skills to empower your own youth activist network

Over the course of four days in Los Angeles, California, students will work with ACLU staff to build the skills they need to become America’s next generation of organizers and activists. Through a series of training sessions, action committee meetings, elective workshops, and networking sessions, students will learn strategies for grassroots organizing and advocacy, explore the most important social justice and civil liberties issues facing California today, and begin building an activist network and making concrete plans for future community action.

Key program activities will include:

  • Organizer training sessions led by ACLU and Close Up staff, who will help students develop the key skills needed for effective advocacy in California
  • Elective issue workshops taught by ACLU staff, who will dive into an array of priority issues in California using seminars, panel discussions, and interactive activities
  • Action committees that allow students to choose an issue that is important to them, work with fellow participants to identify strategies and tactics for action, and develop plans for future advocacy in collaboration with their colleagues and ACLU staff
  • Networking sessions that provide students with opportunities to connect with other participants, ACLU staff, and volunteers, and to identify and strengthen their advocacy networks.