Thank you for attending the Community Advocates Training. Please find the presentations slides below as well as additional information sheets.

Community Advocate Training

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Know Your Student Rights Know Your Student Rights (Spanish) Seth's Law AB 9 Seth's Law AB 9 (Spanish) Student Rights Project Zero Tolerance Policies Student Cell Phone Privacy Student Rights Project 9-12 Toolkit Student Rights Project 6-8 Toolkit Student Rights Project K-5 Toolkit Uniform Complaint Form


2012-2013 Orange Packet About GSA Network Awesome Advisor Building a Safe School Checklist C.O.I.N. Model Complaint Form Complaint Ladder Conflict Resolution Dealing With Apathy FAIR Education Act LGBTQ Inclusive Lessons Gender Orientation Terms Ground Rules 2013 GSA Advisor Handbook GSA Network Calendar 2012-2013 Hostility Opposition How to Start a GSA (v.3) Implementing Lessons Justice Solidarity Ally Learning Lesson Action Guide Legal Q&A PGPs Sharing, Receiving, Working It Out St Pp Diagram Southern California Regional Opportunities Transitioning Leadership Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right Youth Adult Partnerships