The ACLU of Southern California undertakes litigation when doing so is the most effective way to advance a civil liberties concern. We file lawsuits that will have an impact on people’s rights by setting a legal precedent or affecting the policies and actions of public officials. We both provide direct legal representation to people and file amicus (friend-of-the-court) briefs addressing civil liberties issues in cases initiated by others. All of the ACLU’s legal work is on a pro bono basis; we never charge for our legal services.

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Santiago v. City of Los Angeles

Santiago v. City of Los Angeles is a lawsuit in which ACLU SoCal has intervened on behalf street vendors to challenge the unlawful seizure and destruction of their carts, utensils and other property by the Los Angeles Police Department and the Fashion District Business I

October 29, 2015 Economic Justice

Soltysik v. Padilla

Soltysik v. Padilla is a federal lawsuit challenging sections of the California Elections Code, which prevent candidates for voter-nominated offices who are affiliated with non-qualified political parties from displaying their political party preference on the ballot.

October 8, 2015 Freedom of Speech and Government Transparency

Community Coalition v. Los Angeles Unified School District

Community Coalition v. Los Angeles Unified School District is a lawsuit filed against the Los Angeles Unified School District for misallocating $450 million of state education funds under the Local Control Funding Formula, diverting it away from low-income students, English language learners
June 30, 2015 Education Equity

Katz v. Barstow

Katz v. Barstow is a case involving the Barstow Police Department's wrongful arrest of Jesse and Robert Katz for exercising their right to refuse to show identification.

May 22, 2015 Police Practices

ACLU SoCal v. San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department

ACLU SoCal v San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department is a lawsuit against the Sheriff's Department requiring it hand over documents spelling out its policies and practices for using Tasers in the wake of several deaths resulting from shocking people multiple times wit

March 26, 2015

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