This guide serves both as a clearinghouse of existing policies, relevant legal materials, and helpful information, as well as an attempt at compiling documents related to campaigns for the purposes of historical memory.
This is a compilation of tools and resources created and expanded by a number of advocates and organizations throughout the state that have been effective in changing how their local departments interact with their communities.
This guide is meant to provide information to individuals and community groups about running similar campaigns in their cities in hopes of adopting just and humane policies while keeping their communities safe. It's meant to be comprehensive and may contain more materials that what your local community may need.
The section summaries below will help you determine where your community fits, what you need, and what is most relevant to your local efforts and goals.

Know Your Rights

Car Impoundments Checkpoint Tool for Advocates Car Impoundments (Espanol) Checkpoints for Advocates (Espanol)


Car Impoundment & Checkpoint Toolkit

Intro and Guide Section 1: Relevant Cases and Codes Section 2: Getting Information Section 3: Knowing Your Rights Section 4: Policy Recommendations and Issues Section 5: Local Advocacy and Organizing Section 6: City Policies Section 7: Monitoring and Data Collection Section 8: Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) and California Highway Procedures and Funding Section 9: Helpful and Unhelpful Studies and Publications Section 10: Miscellaneous