Eliezer “Eli” Williams is the name behind the Williams v. State of California lawsuit – one of the largest settlements reached in the history of the ACLU SoCal fighting for education equity. After the settlement, Williams went on to receive his degree in Liberal Studies from City College of San Francisco and later in 2017, graduated from CSU East Bay with a Bachelors of Science degree in Marketing and Corporate Management.

He currently resides in Texas where he works as a high school English teacher and remains active in his community. He’s helping launch Mavros 13, a start up business that provides economic opportunities for low-income communities like jobs and financial investments. 

Williams’ father, remains active in Fairfield, CA, where he is the Director of South Pacific Island, Crime Prevention and Intervention and Re-entry program and is part of the SALT Coalition, a group of Pacific Island organizations in the Bay Area supporting their community members achieve the American Dream. Mr. Williams is a proud U.S. Army veteran having served twenty years and is a native of Western Samoa.