Annual Report 2005 – 2006

On nearly every front, this has been one of the ACLU of Southern California's most difficult years in our duty to protect civil rights and civil liberties.

November 1, 2005

Annual Report 2004 – 2005

Guided by principles, not polls, we do the hard, unglamorous work of protecting those who are suffering injustice or whom the system has failed.

November 1, 2004

Annual Report 2003 – 2004

We envision a society that invests in very individual by providing all children with a good education and other necessities for success. No society can neglect such an investment without reaping the terrible fruit of exclusion: division, despair, and fear.

November 1, 2003

Annual Report 2002 – 2003

Since September 11, 2001, our government has embarked on a wholesale revision of our basic rights: discrimination against immigrants, detentions, domestic spying, and government secrecy have been carried out in the name of security.

November 1, 2002

Annual Report 1999 – 2000

Mindful of the inscription on the base of the Statue of Liberty, which reads in part, "I lift my lamp beside the golden door," we seek to open the door of opportunity ever wider by linking civil liberties to social justice.

November 1, 1999

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