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  1. Rosas v. Baca

    March 14, 2005CasePrisoners' Rights
  2. Morrow v. U.S. Parole Commission

    April 19, 2005CasePrisoners' Rights
  3. Johnson v. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

    April 21, 2005CasePrisoners' Rights
  4. Douglas v. Cooley

    July 1, 2012CaseAccountability and Abuse of Power, Prisoners' Rights
  5. ACLU/Preven v. County of Los Angeles

    October 31, 2013CaseFreedom of Speech and Government Transparency, Criminal Justice and Drug Policy Reform, Prisoners' Rights
  6. Roy v. County of Los Angeles

    October 26, 2012CaseImmigrants' Rights, Prisoners' Rights
  7. McKibben v. McMahon

    October 22, 2014CaseLGBTQ Equality, Prisoners' Rights

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