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  1. Life in a box: inhumane and unsafe extreme isolation in New York’s prisons

    October 3, 2012News updatePrisoners' Rights
  2. Police cameras outside your door

    October 4, 2012News updatePrivacy and Surveillance
  3. Texas Court upholds death sentence of innocent man although "there is something very wrong" with case against him

    October 4, 2012News update
  4. Victory!: no more shackles on pregnant prisoners

    October 5, 2012News updatePrisoners' Rights, Gender Equity and Reproductive Justice
  5. New Justice Department documents show huge increase in warrantless electronic surveillance

    October 5, 2012News updatePrivacy and Surveillance
  6. U.S. citizen wrongfully deported to Mexico, settles his case against the federal government

    October 5, 2012News updateImmigrants' Rights
  7. In court today: the Constitution also lives in airports

    October 5, 2012News updateFreedom of Speech and Government Transparency
  8. Homeless veterans: whose responsibility?

    October 8, 2012News updateAccountability and Abuse of Power
  9. Brutal head injuries make headlines

    October 13, 2012News update
  10. Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca belatedly embraces jail reform

    October 13, 2012News updatePrisoners' Rights