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  1. California Is Pushing People Deeper into Poverty by Towing Their Cars for Non-Safety Reasons

    August 22, 2019News updateEconomic Justice, Police Practices
  2. Costs of Injustice: How Criminal System Fees Are Hurting Los Angeles County Families

    November 19, 2019PublicationEconomic Justice
  3. An Open Letter to California Officials: Housing First

    December 10, 2019News updateEconomic Justice, Houselessness
  4. BREAKING: Nearly 100 Individuals Fenced in at the Santa Ana Riverbed by OC Public Works

    February 8, 2017Press releaseEconomic Justice, Houselessness
  5. Protect the rights + livelihoods of pregnant workers

    March 10, 2020ActionGender Equity and Reproductive Justice, Economic Justice
  6. 'This Place is Slowly Killing Me:' Abuse and Neglect in Orange County Emergency Shelters

    March 14, 2019PublicationHouselessness, Economic Justice
  7. Letter to Gov. Newsom re: Homelessness and COVID-19

    March 25, 2020PageEconomic Justice, Houselessness
  8. The Need for a Towing Moratorium in CA During COVID-19

    March 19, 2020PageEconomic Justice, Criminal Justice and Drug Policy Reform
  9. There is Enough Housing for People Unhoused, We Must Act Now

    April 6, 2020News updateEconomic Justice, Houselessness
  10. COVID-19 Public Health Policy for California's Homeless Shelters

    March 17, 2020PageEconomic Justice, Houselessness