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  1. For American Muslims, Disney's not the happiest place on earth

    August 14, 2012News updateReligious Liberty
  2. You have the right to remain spied on

    August 16, 2012News updateReligious Liberty
  3. District settles with ACLU over English learners program

    August 20, 2012News update
  4. Newton: Anaheim's ballot battle

    August 20, 2012News update
  5. The Program

    August 23, 2012News updatePrivacy and Surveillance
  6. Clovis School District: Sex Education that Gets an "F"

    August 23, 2012News updateLGBTQ Rights
  7. Clovis Unified School District In California Sued Over Sex Ed Program

    August 22, 2012News update
  8. Guantánamo Dispatch: The public’s right to know

    August 28, 2012News updateImmigrants' Rights, National Security
  9. Ding, Dong, Concept 6 is dead

    August 29, 2012News updateEducation Equity
  10. LA County's Challenger youth probation camp moves from punishment to hope

    August 29, 2012News update