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  1. Moving towards fair treatment for transgender students

    June 12, 2013News updateLGBTQ Rights
  2. Immigration Law 101: UCLA Professor Hiroshi Motomura [VIDEO]

    June 17, 2013News updateImmigrants' Rights
  3. ACLU/SC joins Father's Day rally for immigration reform [VIDEO]

    June 18, 2013News updateImmigrants' Rights
  4. Lawsuit filed against ICE over unconstitutional detention of American citizens

    June 19, 2013Press release
  5. Supporting Immigration Reform = Supporting America's Economy

    June 21, 2013News updateEconomic Justice
  6. Press Release: ICE lifts immigration hold on US citizen Gerardo Gonzalez

    June 24, 2013Press releaseNational Security, Police Practices
  7. Let the debates begin

    June 9, 2013News updatePrivacy and Surveillance
  8. Race still matters

    June 24, 2013News updateEducation Equity
  9. SCOTUS strikes down Voting Rights Act: ACLU/SC Q&A

    June 25, 2013News update
  10. SCOTUS decision on Voting Rights Act, a disappointment

    June 25, 2013News update