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  1. Willie McCoy Should Be Alive Today

    April 5, 2019News updatePolice Practices
  2. Catholic Bishops Stopped My Surgery Because I'm Transgender

    March 21, 2019News updateLGBTQ Rights, Gender Equity and Reproductive Justice
  3. California Assembly Privacy Committee Kills Consumer Privacy Bill and Only Hears Tech-Sponsored Bills

    April 23, 2019Press releasePrivacy and Surveillance
  4. ACLU SoCal Theory of Change

    March 1, 2019Page
  5. ACLU SoCal Racial Justice Framework

    March 1, 2019Page
  6. Does Orange County truly care about people experiencing homelessness?

    April 30, 2019News updateEconomic Justice
  7. ACLU Sues to Stop ICE From Transferring Jailed Immigrants Out of State

    May 2, 2019Press releaseImmigrants' Rights
  8. Robert Mitchell, Unlawfully Jailed by Bakersfield Police, Wins Settlement

    May 6, 2019Press releasePolice Practices
  9. ACLU to Honor ‘When They See Us’ About Central Park Attack

    May 10, 2019Press release
  10. ACLU Files Sexual Harassment Charges on Behalf of McDonald's Workers

    May 20, 2019Press releaseGender Equity and Reproductive Justice