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  1. New Poll: Majority of California Voters Support Bill to Curb Racial Profiling

    August 12, 2015Press releasePolice Practices
  2. Live from the Googleplex in Mountain View, California My Voice Matters Elevates Female Empowerment and Gender Equality with Leading Global Organizations and Renowned Musical Artists and Film Stars

    August 14, 2015Press release
  3. Laguna Beach Sued for Targeting Homeless Residents with Disabilities

    August 20, 2015Press releasePolice Practices
  4. Attorneys and Visitors Illegally Barred from Detention Centers for Criticizing Operations

    August 25, 2015Press release
  5. Catholic Hospital Approves Previously Denied Health Care Procedure for Pregnant Woman

    August 25, 2015Press releaseGender Equity and Reproductive Justice
  6. Catholic Hospital Approves Woman’s Procedure under Threat of Lawsuit

    August 25, 2015Press releaseGender Equity and Reproductive Justice
  7. Voters Strongly Support Public Access to Police Misconduct Reports, Body Cam Footage

    August 25, 2015Press releasePolice Practices
  8. Voters Concerned About Digital Privacy, Want to Increase Protections from Warrantless Searches

    September 2, 2015Press releasePrivacy and Surveillance
  9. ACLU Tells Justice Department to Deny Money for LAPD Body Cams

    September 3, 2015Press releasePolice Practices
  10. Landmark Civil Rights Settlement on Behalf of English Learners Affirms State of California Must Ensure Schools Provide English Language Instruction

    September 11, 2015Press releaseEducation Equity