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  1. Civil Rights and Community Leaders Denounce Proposition 38 Inequities

    October 11, 2000News updateEducation Equity
  2. Civil Rights Groups File ADA Suit Against MTA For Paratransit Failures

    November 16, 2000News updateEducation Equity
  3. ACLU Fights Anti-Gay Book-Banning In School Library

    December 21, 2000News updateEducation Equity, Freedom of Speech and Government Transparency, LGBTQ Rights
  4. ACLU Denounces State's Blame-Shifting Strategy In Education Case

    December 12, 2000News updateEducation Equity
  5. Los Angeles Residents, Civil Rights Groups Sue to Intervene In LAPD Consent Decree

    December 18, 2000News updateEducation Equity
  6. ACLU Sues University of California Regents Over Defective "4%" Plan

    December 20, 2000News updateEducation Equity
  7. ACLU of Southern California Calls On Senator Dianne Feinstein to Oppose Nomination of John Ashcroft as Attorney General

    January 23, 2001News updateEducation Equity, LGBTQ Rights
  8. ACLU and Anaheim Union Reach Settlement on Banned Books

    March 16, 2001News updateEducation Equity, LGBTQ Rights
  9. Chanda Smith Attorneys Charge that LAUSD Has Failed to Fulfill Its Promises and Legal Obligations to Special Education Students

    August 14, 2001News updateEducation Equity
  10. ACLU of Southern California Sues to Stop Intrusive Searches at Locke High School in LAUSD

    June 19, 2001News updateEducation Equity