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  1. ACLU: California Students Have the Right to Protest

    March 13, 2018Press releaseEducation Equity
  2. End Random Searches in L.A. Schools

    July 1, 2017ActionEducation Equity
  3. ACLU Files Lawsuit Against Oppressive 'YAT' Youth Program in Riverside

    July 2, 2018Press releaseEducation Equity
  4. Sigma Beta Xi v. County of Riverside

    July 2, 2018CaseEducation Equity
  5. Sanctuary Schools Campaign

    December 18, 2017CampaignEducation Equity, Immigrants' Rights
  6. DJ v. State of California

    July 11, 2013CaseEducation Equity
  7. Sex Education

    July 19, 2017Know Your RightsEducation Equity, Gender Equity, Women’s Rights, & Reproductive Justice
  8. Students Not Suspects

    July 22, 2015CampaignEducation Equity, Police Practices
  9. Here To Learn

    June 1, 2018PublicationEducation Equity
  10. Students, Parents, and the City Attorney Have Spoken: End Random Searches in L.A. Schools

    August 28, 2018News updateEducation Equity


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