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  1. New Sheriff in town--for now

    January 30, 2014News updateAccountability and Abuse of Power, Prisoners' Rights
  2. L.A. jail proposal would do little to help

    May 2, 2014News updatePrisoners' Rights
  3. Class action settlement between Sheriff’s Department and inmates with disabilities in Los Angeles County jails moves forward

    November 24, 2014News updatePrisoners' Rights
  4. L.A. Supervisors approve oversight of LASD, but will it have power?

    December 10, 2014News updatePrisoners' Rights
  5. The reign of terror ends at L.A. County Jails

    December 16, 2014News updatePrisoners' Rights
  6. It all comes down to this...

    April 9, 2015News updatePolice Practices, Prisoners' Rights
  7. There's no "transgender" exception to medically necessary care

    June 15, 2015News updateLGBTQ Rights, Prisoners' Rights
  8. Shackle a pregnant woman, risk a foreseeable tragedy

    June 18, 2015News updateImmigrants' Rights, Prisoners' Rights, Gender Equity and Reproductive Justice
  9. Prosecutors should search for justice instead of rushing to judgment

    December 7, 2015News updatePrisoners' Rights
  10. End law enforcement violence against trans women

    February 9, 2016News updateLGBTQ Rights, Prisoners' Rights