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  1. Access to CA Police Records

    December 11, 2018Know Your RightsPolice Practices
  2. COVID-19: CA's Extension of DMV Deadlines

    April 27, 2020Know Your RightsEconomic Justice
  3. Protesters

    December 3, 2013Know Your RightsFreedom of Speech and Government Transparency
  4. California LGBTQ Employment Rights

    June 15, 2020Know Your Rights
  5. What’s Next for TPS Holders?

    September 22, 2020Know Your RightsImmigrants' Rights
  6. Voting Rights in the Los Angeles County Jails

    January 19, 2018Know Your RightsJails Project
  7. Voting Rights in the Orange County Jails

    January 18, 2018Know Your RightsJails Project
  8. Government Social Media Censorship

    February 22, 2018Know Your RightsFreedom of Speech and Government Transparency
  9. Paid Sick Days - City of Los Angeles

    July 28, 2020Know Your Rights
  10. Rights of Transgender and Nonbinary People in CA Shelters

    June 29, 2021Know Your RightsLGBTQ Rights