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  1. Let Ruthelle vote

    April 5, 2012News update
  2. Solitary confinement: torture in your backyard

    April 4, 2012News updateReligious Liberty
  3. Federal Court Rules Inmates Have Right to Hearings in Person

    March 20, 2012News updateCriminal Justice and Drug Policy Reform
  4. Incompetent school officials, empty promises, and the school bus ride from hell

    April 9, 2012News updateLGBTQ Rights
  5. ACLU suit against VA over homeless vets may proceed, judge says

    March 16, 2012News updateAccountability and Abuse of Power
  6. Local Action Center

    May 7, 2012News update
  7. Know Your Rights

    May 7, 2012News update
  8. ACLU Around Town

    May 7, 2012News update
  9. California neglects education of English learners, lawsuit claims

    May 31, 2012News update
  10. ACLU suit targets Central Valley English learning

    May 30, 2012News update