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  1. LA District Attorney Accountability Coalition Congratulates George Gascón on Election Victory, Present Priorities for Reform

    November 6, 2020Press release
  2. Anthony Romero

    November 7, 2020Biography
  3. ACLU Statement on L.A. Supervisors Approval to Explore Ways to Remove the Sheriff

    November 10, 2020Press release
  4. Crista Minneci

    November 12, 2020Biography
  5. Julia A. Gomez

    November 12, 2020Biography
  6. Court Hearing: Massive Bungling of COVID at Mesa Verde

    November 13, 2020Press release
  7. Poet Jose Bello’s 1st Amendment Case Goes to Appeals Court

    November 16, 2020Press release
  8. ACLU Statement on the Election Results

    November 7, 2020Press release
  9. ACLU Letter Criticizes School District for Free Speech Violations

    July 29, 2020Press releaseFreedom of Speech and Government Transparency
  10. Zoë McKinney

    December 1, 2020Biography