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  1. With Roe Overturned, What Comes Next for Abortion Rights?

    June 24, 2022News update
  2. Angelenos deserve to live in a safe community

    June 27, 2022News updatePolice Practices
  3. The Care We Create – A Mural Envisioning Community Care

    January 27, 2022News update
  4. My family fought racism at the Port of L.A. Decades later, I'm suing as a pregnant worker

    August 17, 2022News updateGender Equity and Reproductive Justice
  5. ACLU SoCal Proudly Supports YES ON MEASURE ULA, the “United to House LA” Initiative

    June 23, 2022News updateEconomic Justice
  6. LA County’s Failure to Invest in Alternatives to Incarceration Fuels Inhumane Jail Conditions

    October 21, 2022News updateCriminal Justice and Drug Policy Reform
  7. Six Reasons You Should Vote YES on Measure ULA

    October 25, 2022News updateEconomic Justice
  8. We need Measure ULA now

    November 2, 2022News updateEconomic Justice
  9. Measure A is the hope and vision I have for the future of Los Angeles

    November 2, 2022News updatePolice Practices, Criminal Justice and Drug Policy Reform
  10. This is what happens when we vote!

    November 17, 2022News updateEconomic Justice, Gender Equity and Reproductive Justice, Criminal Justice and Drug Policy Reform, Police Practices