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  1. Hollywood, Resolve to Make 2019 the Year of Inclusive Hiring Targets

    January 12, 2019News updateGender Equity and Reproductive Justice
  2. The FBI ‘Can Neither Confirm nor Deny’ That It Monitors Your Social Media Posts

    January 17, 2019News updatePrivacy and Surveillance
  3. On the 46th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Fight for Abortion Access Continues

    January 22, 2019News updateGender Equity and Reproductive Justice, Economic Justice
  4. New Bill Limits When California Police Can Use Deadly Force

    February 8, 2019News updatePolice Practices
  5. California Halts the Use of the Death Penalty

    March 13, 2019News updateCriminal Justice and Drug Policy Reform
  6. There Is No ‘National Emergency’ at the Border, and Trump’s Declaration Is Illegal

    February 15, 2019News updateImmigrants' Rights
  7. Rampant Abuses in Immigration Detention Prove ICE Is Rotten to the Core

    March 1, 2019News updateImmigrants' Rights
  8. César Chávez: A man familiar to me

    March 30, 2014News update
  9. Will California lawmakers vote to protect Californians' privacy or tech industry profits?

    March 27, 2019News updatePrivacy and Surveillance
  10. Willie McCoy Should Be Alive Today

    April 5, 2019News updatePolice Practices